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About Gabrielle

Through creative and imaginative storytelling Gabrielle connects with readers and audiences, whiling away the hours of the night writing, drawing and creating digital art layer by layer, on her wacom cintiq, a canvas in the form of a tablet. From her pen she creates characters basking in atmospheric light that entice, compel and intrigue.  For those who come to sit at her campfire, a book on a computer screen, she weaves tales of a siren in a dark city, mages in black forests and the light that can be found in the dark. 


Gabrielle Wesley is a seasoned creative professional with over 20 years of experience in graphic and web design, writing, illustration, and social media marketing. She holds a diploma in Graphic Design from Georgian College and has worked for clients of all sizes. Cutting her teeth in a variety of high-paced, highly creative firms and organizations, such as KGG, Treefrog Inc., and KERC she has gained the knowledge and skill to bring ideas, concepts and musing to fruition. 


At KERC, Gabrielle gained invaluable management experience running the print production department for over four years. She enjoyed the challenge of her work and the inspiring relationships she built with the KERC production team and the many co-op students they trained over the years.


With her extensive management experience, she parlayed her expertise into a teaching position at Confederation College, where she instructed adults in the Adult Ed Program on essential courses such as Workplace Readiness and College Prep.

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