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Not Just Your Grandmother's Dishes Anymore! How to Style Second Hand Crystal Pieces

I love to collect crystal pieces and glasswares. I love the patterns and designs on crystal ware. My collection consists of pinwheel patterns, pink and amber crystal and gorgeous wine glasses, goblets, high ball glasses, serving plates, cake plates, dessert plates and more. I don't keep them all in one spot so they don't take up a lot of room in my home. I use most of the pieces in a very practical way. I use them as soap dishes, candy holders, vases, fruit dishes, jewelry holders and more. I also break them out for family dinners because they make the table look look high level. The scattered pieces add a touch of loveliness to every corner of my house.

Crystal glasswares and pieces are fairly easy to come by when second hand shopping and vintage dish collecting. Most pieces can be acquired for few dollars at any second hand shops, garage sales, online buy and sells groups, or auction. I have acquired most of my pieces scouting out these various shops and locations. I have even received a few pieces as gifts.

Do you collect anything lovely and vintage? Share your collections in the comments.

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